• To be master of the art of beauty
    means to be able to change.
    The ability to change
    means mastering the art of living.
    Because it is change
    which drives everything.
    Including you.
    Live beautifully.
    P. Jeleva

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At PJ Hairdesign we are well aware, that hairstyle is directly linked to one’s overall charismatic appeal. Place your trust in our team of professionally trained stylists for the achieving of the desired by you effect of hair beautifully modeled and well-groomed.

For us at PJ Hairdesign colors represent a palette, which can change one’s look, can make you feel more attractive and sexy. Our consultants take into consideration a different set of factors when choosing the proper hair color. They offer you ideas in accordance with the current trends and in conformity with your wishes and thus achieve sparkling and healthy appearance.

For the creation of a more diverse style, we offer hair extensions. When it comes to hair extensions, you can be sure that we offer the very best and we work with European natural hair. Hair extensions allow for an interesting change to be made, for example in the length of different parts of the hair, or of the hair bangs.

You can be certain that at PJ Hairdesign together we will achieve the appropriate for your style beautiful and healthy look.

Services pricelist:

Styling Master Class
Stylist Junior
Cut (women)
includes massage wash and mask appropriate for the hair type
36 BGN 31 BGN 18 BGN
Cut (men)
includes massage wash and styling products
30 BGN 25 BGN 15 BGN
Blow-dry short/ medium/ long hair
includes massage wash, mask appropriate for the hair type and styling products
26 BGN/ 31 BGN/ 36 BGN 20 BGN
Cut and Blow-dry (women)
includes massage wash, mask appropriate for the hair type and styling products
55 BGN 49 BGN 27 BGN
Formal Hair-do/ bun
includes massage wash, mask appropriate for the hair type and styling products
65 BGN / 85 BGN 45 BGN / 65 BGN 30 BGN
Brazilian Blowout
Brazilian keratin for up to 12 weeks of smooth hair
130 BGN (per dosage)
Coloring inoa
INOA Majirel
Tint roots (1 tube of color) 52 BGN 49 BGN
Tint roots (1 ½ tube of color) and color freshening up 62 BGN 59 BGN
Color depth
sparkle, vitality and vividness of color
52 BGN 49 BGN
Sun kiss
light and vividness of color
52 BGN
Foils in full/ half head 69 BGN / 49 BGN
Maintenance of roots and foils 39 BGN
Removal of unwanted hair tones medium/ long hair 39 BGN / 49 BGN
Fashion Colour
color in accordance to the season’s trends
60 BGN / 80 BGN
Hair gloss (intensive shine) 39 BGN
Kérastase Rituals inoa
Hair care Kérastase Rituals
Relaxation Ritual
Includes relaxation Bain (Shampoo treatment), calming Care and Texturizing products, combined with tender massage for exquisite experience + blow dry
36 BGN
Intense Ritual
Includes intensive hair care by applying Bain (Shampoo treatment) and 2 adapted Care products + blow dry. Unique experience and impressive hair results
56 BGN
Ritual de Lux
Includes a true moment of relaxation thanks to systematic applying of Bain (Shampoo treatment) and 3 specially selected Care products + blow dry
64 BGN
Includes relaxing Bain (Shampoo treatment) and prepared by the hair consultant fusion of ultra-concentrated active ingredients for instant and deep hair transformation + blow dry
52 BGN
Head Spa Kérastase Rituals
Immersive Soothing Ritual
Includes exfoliating care, calming Bain (Shampoo treatment), Care and Texturizing products + blow dry. This Ritual instantly cleanses, calms and gives long lasting scalp protection for beautiful hair
39 BGN
Dermo-Calm Ritual
Includes calming Bain (Shampoo treatment), Care product with powder for sensitive scalp and absolute comfort serum + blow dry. This Ritual instantly calms and reduces any scalp discomfort
47 BGN
VIP Rituals
Includes regeneration crème and mimetic caviar pearls merged into a luxurious Ritual for overall transformation of the hair and scalp + blow dry
72 BGN
Protocole Discipline
Includes smoothing Bain (Shampoo treatment), heat activated hair fiber smoothing, Care and Texturizing products + blow dry. This Protocol is enriched with - Morpho-Keratine™ for beautiful hair swing and free-flowing movement
67 BGN
„24 Carats“
Includes exquisite Oleo- Bain (Shampoo treatment) and specially selected combination of the most precious oils, for a unique and sensual experience + blow dry. For women, who seek exceptional care, Kérastase brings the magic of oils to a new dimension
42 BGN
Includes Bain (Shampoo treatment), as well as combination of ultra-concentrated active ingredients and the power of heat for hair rejuvenation + blow dry. Hair is soft and shiny and revitalized.
86 BGN
Hair extensions (European hair)
30 - 40 cm. length 650 BGN
50 - 60 cm. length 850 BGN
80 - 100 cm. length 1 050 BGN
Special Cards*
5 visits
Luxurious Kérastase Ritual + Cut (women) + Blow-dry (discount 35%)
includes Bain (Shampoo treatment), Care and Texturizing with Kérastase products
235 BGN
Cut men (discount 20%)
includes massage wash and styling products
110 BGN
* The discount for these cards is valid only for advance payment of 5 visits
Special Packages
Tint roots + Hair length color freshening up + Cut + Blow-dry (discount 30%)
includes one tube of color, massage wash, mask appropriate for the hair type and styling products
84 BGN

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