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    means to be able to change.
    The ability to change
    means mastering the art of living.
    Because it is change
    which drives everything.
    Including you.
    Live beautifully.
    P. Jeleva

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Why are scissors so important for a great haircut?

Have you considered the importance of the scissors, with which your hair is being cut? Most often, we pay no attention whatsoever to this actually so important tool. In fact, scissors are the artistic means of the stylist. When they have been carefully selected, in combination with the good abilities of the person you have entrusted your hair to, magic is in its making.

You go to the hair salon and get a haircut, but soon after you notice, that the ends of your hair do not look good – you have split ends and your hair is not as it should be. You wonder why this is so, since you have taken care of your hair. This happens, because the scissors, with which your hair was cut, most probably were of lower quality and not well maintained. Your hair ends were actually damaged.

When the stylist works with high quality and well sharpened scissors, no such thing occurs. Hairstyling is an art and the end result depends on a number of intertwined factors. The good stylist knows this well and is extremely strict not only about his/ her vision and capabilities, but also about the tools with which he/ she practices their art.

There are different types of hair styling scissors – for example, for haircutting and for hair thinning.

At PJ Hairdesign we are extremely strict not only regarding the abilities of the stylists who work at the salon, but also about the products and tools, with which we take care of your hair.

“The scissors I work with are an essential tool. They have their special box and I treat them with care. I dare not imagine if I happen to drop them on the floor, this would be a catastrophe,” seemingly jokingly, but actually being rather serious, says Plamena Jeleva, Owner and Master Stylist of PJ Hairdesign. “For me, the well sharpened and high quality shears are of primary importance, I would never dare approach the hair of my clients with scissors, which do not guarantee highest quality of the end results,” adds Plamena.

She also shares, that every stylist at the salon has their own shears, carefully selected in accordance to their specific needs.

The conclusion – dare not think that scissors are simply scissors in the hairstylists’ world.

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