• To be master of the art of beauty
    means to be able to change.
    The ability to change
    means mastering the art of living.
    Because it is change
    which drives everything.
    Including you.
    Live beautifully.
    P. Jeleva

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Hair contouring, or how this soft color solution can create the new You

What is contouring?

Contouring – this is a personalized hair color, which best emphasizes on or hides given face features. If emphasis is placed, or accentuated are certain hair zones, illusion for ideal face form can be created. If this sounds familiar as a technique from make-up, this is exactly so – just as with make-up, with hair also, the lighter shades underline and create volume, while darker shades create vividness.

How is contouring made?

With contouring, the darker shades overflow and are used to shorten or narrow the face, while lighter tones make it look longer, by reflecting light. This subtle color placement together with the precise use of additional colors creates an optical illusion and makes your face look more vivid and highlights your features. As a technique, contouring is similar to balayage, but goes a step further. For contouring you must place your trust in the hands of a good stylist, because it indeed requires very good evaluation and preparation.

Best contouring results are achieved with wavy and straight hair. If your hair is very curly, most probably will be needed the use of bolder color solutions (there has to be a sharper boundary between colors), in order for the effects of contouring to shine through your curls.

In combination with the hairstyle, with Bronde, Ombre, or Sombre, contouring lightens up the face and is a wonderful option for a bit of change to your look. At PJ Hairdesign we will consult you which will best fit the form of your face and together we will create your new desired appearance.

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