• To be master of the art of beauty
    means to be able to change.
    The ability to change
    means mastering the art of living.
    Because it is change
    which drives everything.
    Including you.
    Live beautifully.
    P. Jeleva

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Autumn hair trends – Contouring, Bronde and Sombre

Do you remember the fabulous Plamena Jeleva, owner and Master Stylist of salon PJ Hairdesign? After she told us how to take good care of our hair during the summer season, it is now time for us to enter into the autumn, once again supported by her advices. AlltheMall met up with her with immense pleasure and asked some questions of interest to each and every girl with the coming of the colder winds. This is what she shared:

Plamena Jeleva

It is now the autumn season and it is traditionally the time when many women are concerned with the issue of hair loss. What care would you recommend for the prevention of hair loss and for its effective elimination, if we have not been able to prevent it?

For us women, hair is an expression of our style and character. It is totally understandable, that the condition of our hair is closely related to our self-esteem and we want our hair to look good.

Seasonal hair loss as a whole is related to increased sensitiveness of hair toward the occurring atmosphering changes. This is exactly why hair loss happens in spring and autumn. Hair loss is a natural process during which hair is renewed. It is normal for one to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. If those symptoms are present, the first thing one need do is visit his/ her stylist and seek advice. We at salon PJ Hairdesign work with Kérastase and offer solutions for this problem via products of the range Specifique.

The use of adapted care is of prior importance. One must not alone diagnose himself/ herself, and thus make a possible mistake and buy products, which are too strong, aggressive and not fit for his/ her problem.

What are the hair trends for the new season as well as the ones in the sphere of coloring? Are the cotton candy colors still trending – ones such as pale pink and violet, which were a big hit this summer thanks to celebrities such as Rihanna, Hillary Duff and Nicole Richie?

Rock romance, retro waves and chic bohemian style of the hair – this is the trend for the autumn-winter season. The styling is frivolous and carefree; hair is wavy in its ends. The colors now are intensive violet, intensive red, pearl blonde, copper gold, and last, but not least – black. Fashionable are the soft and playful color nuances, which freshen up the appearance. Ombre, Sombre and Bronde are combined with contouring – personalized color, which best suits the form of the face.

Ombre is a technique, which preserves the natural hair color, only in its ends there is an exquisite lighter color. Sombre is suitable for the ones, who seek more vividness and play of the nuances in the hair. The Bronde technique allows blondes to have colors with depth, while brunettes have a fresher look.

With contouring, if emphasis is placed, or prominence is given to certain parts of the hair, one can create the illusion for ideal face form. If this sounds familiar as a technique from make-up, this is exactly so – just as with make-up, with hair also, the lighter shades emphasize and create volume, while darker shades create vividness.

Cotton candy colors are left behind in the summer season.

The perfect hairstyle is always to be accompanied by the perfect for a given occasion outfit. We learned that you are not only a stylist, but also a fashion designer. Tell us a bit more about the clothes you create. How do you combine these two so inspiring, but also demanding activities?

Hair and clothes create the overall look. My activities related to the design of clothes are more of a hobby, which complements my creative work. To be a stylist means to be an artist. You want to help and create something attractive and nice, make people feel special. This is how I also see my work as a fashion designer. In my case, these two activities naturally complement. Now I am still very excited that I created a wedding dress, as well as dresses for the bridesmaids. This trust placed upon me for this wedding is incredibly special.

Photo credits: ©PJ Hairdesign photos, except for featured image (image on top)

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