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    The ability to change
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    P. Jeleva

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Ombre, Sombre, Bronde. Plamena Jeleva discusses autumn 2015 hair trends with ViewSofia

Plamena Jeleva returned from Cannes about a month ago. In this marvelous festival city in September takes place L’Oréal Professionnel Business Forum – the event, at which, Plamena and her colleagues from all over the world, discuss the novelties and trends from the world of the professional stylists. And naturally, as we are inquisitive about everything related to fashion and beauty, we invited Plamena, owner and master class stylist at PJ Hairdesign, for a nice professional chat as to what will be trendy for the new autumn-winter season.

About Plamena Jeleva and PJ Hairdesign

At PJ Hairdesign, the work of Plamena Jeleva is characterized by strict attention toward even the smallest details and consideration toward every client’s style. In the basis of her work lies professional hairstyling through the use of appropriate techniques and styles, in combination with the modern for the respective season trends. Thus, in a masterful way, Plamena gives her clients a unique and classy look. Through constant training and participation in courses, she draws inspiration from the top stylists and so her work is also characterized by attention to color, form, style, and hairstyle modeling. This is why, for ten years now, the clients have placed their trust in the professional care of Plamena and her colleagues at PJ Hairdesign.

Plamena Jeleva during L’Oréal Professionnel Business Forum in Cannes this September

Now, here are the upcoming hot trends of autumn-winter 2015 and the recommendations of the professional stylist Plamena Jeleva:

Rock romance, retro wave and personalized hair color for the autumn-winter season

Careless rock bohemian style, bob wavy hairstyles – this season, stylists pay tribute to the past. Hair colors delicately overflow. The colors of the season are deep violet, pearly blonde, golden honey, intense red and violet red. We must not also forget black – it is also in fashion. Hairstyles are wavy and a bit careless. All of this is being personalized in accordance to the shape of the face, skin color, and of course, personal style.

“The trend for autumn-winter season, allows us by using delicate colorful gestures, to look like stars,” also shares Plamena.

Ombre, Sombre and Bronde

These are the three techniques, which highlight personal style and continue to be popular, says Plamena. Ombre is for those ladies, who wish to preserve or maintain their natural hair color, but to have at its end a slight, elegant lighter color. Sombre color solution is perfect for those, who seek more vividness and playfulness of shades in the hair. The Bronde technique allows blondes to achieve a color of fullness, and brunettes to have a look of freshness. Also, with Bronde, brunettes can have blond nuances, without becoming fully blondes. Bronde is also a wonderful solution for the ladies of age, who wish to have a freshened up appearance.


If your hair is short, tousle it a bit and create a more carefree look. It is easier to maintain and very comfortable. If you have long hair and you wear it down, then the trends this season vary from wavy and free locks, to straight hair with wavy ends. For those of you, who like to wear their hair up in a ponytail, it has to be tied low at the neckline – irrespective whether the hair is wavy or straight.

This season sees the return of the interest toward hair accessories. Fashionable are the wide hair bands, which we have seen on photos and in the movies from the 70ies and 80ies of the 20th century, and now on the runways of many fashion shows. In the hair can shine a big hairclip, and why not even a brooch.

“We must of course not forget, that personal style is of prior importance, as well as the personalized approach toward color and shape of hair, which will best suit you,” adds Plamena.

PJ Hairdesign is located on 9 Aksakov Str.


0897 95 30 60

0888 40 88 88

Photo credits:© PJ Hairdesign all photos

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