• To be master of the art of beauty
    means to be able to change.
    The ability to change
    means mastering the art of living.
    Because it is change
    which drives everything.
    Including you.
    Live beautifully.
    P. Jeleva

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Mesotherapy at PJ Hairdesign salon with Fusion Meso Xpert device

PJ Hairdesign constantly widens and diversifies the offered at the beauty salon quality products and services, in order to be able to respond to the needs of its clients for overall and magnificent transformation of their appearance. The newest addition at the skincare section of PJ Hairdesign is the Fusion Meso Xpert device for needle free and with needle mesotherapy.

Fusion Meso Xpert is a new concept in the sphere of non-invasive aesthetic procedures, which stimulates collagen and elastin and achieves effective skincare results. By means of needle free or with needle LED mesotherapy, the device effectively, painlessly and hygienically works for the improvement of multiple skin problems upon the zones of the face, neck, neckline and body zones – brightening up of the skin, smoothing effect to the eye area and removing of eye puffiness, battling effectively with fine lines, pigmentation, acne, cellulite, as well as tightening of the skin. The mesotherapy with needle allows for deeper penetration into the skin of the ampules Fusion Mesotherapy which are being used during the procedure. The needle free mesotherapy effectively works on skin surface level.

Fusion Meso Xpert is appropriate for all skin types, does not have harmful effect upon the epidermis and does not cause sensitivity to the UV rays. The device restores the skin and helps for the return of its elasticity.

Depending on the preferred by the client procedure, Fusion Meso Xpert emphasizes upon a solution to the defined problem, but it is possible for one to choose a combination of procedures and thus target solutions to different skin problems.

Types of procedures

• Anti-aging procedure

• Botox effect procedure

• Eye area procedure

• Tightening of connective tissue procedure

• F-GS Peel procedure

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