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Tips and tricks for hair care during summer

Every stylish and beautiful girl knows well, that perfectly looking hair can entirely change her appearance. This is why, we decided to seek out advises from a specialist, who to assist us as to how correctly and regularly take care of our hair, and thus witness looks of admiration by the great end result. Especially for AlltheMall, the stylist Plamena Jeleva shares with us the secrets behind immaculate looking hair.

But let us first tell you a bit about Plamena – she is a stylist, the work of whom distinguishes itself with attention toward details and consideration for the client’s style. In the basis of her work lies professional hairstyling through the use of appropriate techniques and styles, in combination with the top trends for the respective season.Plamena Jeleva constantly perfects her work by attending a number of professional forums and trainings for stylists, works with the newest products available on the market, and applies the most up to date styling and coloring hair techniques. This is why her salon, PJ Hairdesign, located in the heart of Sofia, has been one of the most successful in the city for the last 10 years.

What is of importance for us to know when it comes to hair care during the summer season?

The most important element, which we must consider when it comes to hair care, is that the care for our hair has to be the same as the one for our skin.This means – one has to consider the specific hair and scalp needs, to consider age, season and surrounding environment, and to take regular care. Good looking hair (as well as skin) comes as a result of correct and constant care.

One of the first things we change in regard to hair care in summer is the number of products we apply: to the traditional shampoo and conditioner (or mask), we add hair oils, hair sprays, or other products with UV protection. These additional products must be used both before and after sun, because sun rays in combination with salty sea water are extremely aggressive toward hair, especially if one spends a lot of time on the beach. In case we have an oily scalp, it is better to not use too much products with thick and heavy texture or ones which are silicone based, because there exists the probability that these products will make things worse and additionally squash one’s hair.

Is there a difference between summer hair care when at the seaside and when in the city?

In principle, the difference in the care is not considerable in regard to where we are located. Of course, when in the city we can avoid washing our hair on daily basis (which is recommended), and we can use less spray with UV protection. Of considerable importance for the good look of the hair though, is the use of a shampoo and mask especially developed for the summer season. The good news is that the variety of brands which offer such series of products is wide.

What specific care must we take during the summer according to the different hair types?

During my practice, I have noticed, that one of the frequently made mistakes is determining one’s hair as oily. Actually, in most cases, we are dealing with an oily scalp, which quickly releases sebum and thus the hair promptly loses volume and form and as a result does not look good. In this case, it is necessary regardless of the season, to use a special shampoo, which calms the scalp and regulates sebum production, in combination with hydrating mask, which is applied only to the hair lengths.

Another popular misconception is that frequent hair washing is obligatory during summer. As a stylist with years of practice, I recommend to try and wash your hair every other day, because if not so, you will increase its oiliness (if there is such), while dry and color treated hair will become even drier and combing and styling it will become more difficult.

Also important is to try and avoid wearing your hair constantly tied up, even if you are feeling hot during the summer. Let your hair have a break, because if not so hair breaks and we do not want that, do we?

Of extreme importance is the correct way of washing one’s hair and I will share with you a small trick, which most people are not aware of. Apply a small quantity of shampoo (you do not need much, the shampoo will foam under the shower) in your palms and apply only to the hair roots. Foam the shampoo with a gentle massage and let the rich foam go down the hair lengths – in this way your hair will get naturally washed.

When is it appropriate for us to style and color our hair – before or after the summer holiday?

As a whole, it is best to freshen up/ style our hair ends once per month, especially, if we are growing long hair. This helps for the beautiful and healthy look of one’s hair. Since the sea and sun are a powerful combination, which strongly and naturally bleaches the hair, it is recommended to refresh the hair color after the summer vacation. But, of course, if we have not colored our hair for some time prior to leaving for the seaside, it is nice to do it before the vacation, just for the sake of looking great.

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