• To be master of the art of beauty
    means to be able to change.
    The ability to change
    means mastering the art of living.
    Because it is change
    which drives everything.
    Including you.
    Live beautifully.
    P. Jeleva

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Why are scissors so important for a great haircut?

12 January, 2016

Have you considered the importance of the scissors, with which your hair is being cut? Most often, we pay no attention whatsoever to this actually so important tool. In fact, scissors are the artistic means of the stylist. When they have been carefully selected, in combination with the good abilities of the person you have entrusted your hair to, magic is in its making.


Brazilian Blowout or how to have smooth and healthy hair

16 December, 2015

Frizzy curls are not your cup of tea. You like your hair smooth, and at the same time healthy, smooth and shiny. At salon PJ Hairdesign we offer the very thing for your needs – the high quality Brazilian Blowout treatment, which is a professional therapy for smooth hair lasting 10 to 12 weeks.


Kérastase day at salon PJ Hairdesign

12 December, 2015

At salon PJ Hairdesign the offering of high quality products and services, as well as the special treatment and attention toward the clients, is of prior importance. This is why, this 10thDecember, was dedicated to being a special Kérastase day at the salon.The stylists of PJ Hairdesign together with the Kérastase consultants, created an atmosphere filled with quality care and beauty. Kérastase Rituals, beautiful hairstyles, makeup session, sparkling wine – the right ingredients to make one feel special.


Hair contouring, or how this soft color solution can create the new You

04 November, 2015

Contouring – this is a personalized hair color, which best emphasizes on or hides given face features. If emphasis is placed, or accentuated are certain hair zones, illusion for ideal face form can be created.


Autumn hair trends – Contouring, Bronde and Sombre

28 October, 2015

Do you remember the fabulous Plamena Jeleva, owner and Master Stylist of salon PJ Hairdesign? After she told us how to take good care of our hair during the summer season, it is now time for us to enter into the autumn, once again supported by her advices.


Bronde – chick style with a touch of color

19 October, 2015

The fall-winter season will continue to be influenced by the popular color hybrid named Bronde. We love it, celebrities love it – this delicate color solution wins over more and more fans.Bronde is a combination of the words brown and blonde. And it is a technique which does exactly so, it combines these two colors.Easy to maintain, a more eased look – the Bronde technique sets focus on style and creates color play in the hair.


Ombre, Sombre, Bronde. Plamena Jeleva discusses autumn 2015 hair trends with ViewSofia

10 October 2015

Plamena Jeleva returned from Cannes about a month ago. In this marvelous festival city in September takes place L’Oréal Professionnel Business Forum – the event, at which, Plamena and her colleagues from all over the world, discuss the novelties and trends from the world of the professional stylists. And naturally, as we are inquisitive about everything related to fashion and beauty, we invited Plamena, owner and master class stylist at PJ Hairdesign, for a nice professional chat as to what will be trendy for the new autumn-winter season.

Careless rock bohemian style, bob wavy hairstyles – this season, stylists pay tribute to the past. Hair colors delicately overflow...


PJ Hairdesign salon offers Kérastase quality

23 July, 2015

Salon PJ Hairdesign widens its range of offered products for magnificent hair care with the high quality brand Kérastase. Plamena Jeleva, owner and stylist of PJ Hairdesign shares, “We are keen on offering quality services and products, and this is why I am very happy that our clients will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Kérastase products.”


Mesotherapy at PJ Hairdesign salon with Fusion Meso Xpert device

20 July, 2015

PJ Hairdesign constantly widens and diversifies the offered at the beauty salon quality products and services, in order to be able to respond to the needs of its clients for overall and magnificent transformation of their appearance. The newest addition at the skincare section of PJ Hairdesign is the Fusion Meso Xpert device for needle free and with needle mesotherapy.


Tips and tricks for hair care during summer

01 July, 2015

Every stylish and beautiful girl knows well, that perfectly looking hair can entirely change her appearance. This is why, we decided to seek out advises from a specialist, who to assist us as to how correctly and regularly take care of our hair, and thus witness looks of admiration by the great end result. Especially for AlltheMall, the stylist Plamena Jeleva shares with us the secrets behind immaculate looking hair.


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